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Part-time Mental Health Practitioner

Location: St Paul
Salary: $16.50/hour
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Date Posted: 5/21/2013

To provide professional, quality program services to the clients served by Community Foundations.  Work with other members of the team to assist clients in obtaining and maintaining an optimum quality of life consistent with client needs and preferences.   Emphasis is placed on working with clients in community settings and directly providing the services necessary to assist clients in achieving their goals.

• Bachelor's degree behavioral science or related fields; and
• 2,000 hours of supervised experience in the delivery of services to persons with mental illness.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Upon successful completion of required medication test, administer medications under the supervision of the facility’s nurse.
• Conduct monthly house meetings for residents.
• Assist the therapists in developing Resident Service Plan (RSP).
• Provide direct services to the residents.
• Teach and develop independent living skills (relaxation, conversation skills, housekeeping, budgeting, etc.) for the clients.
• Co-facilitate or facilitate morning groups, men’s/women’s groups, IDDT and topic groups.
• Identify individuals prone to having behavior emergencies and assist the therapist in developing additional programming appropriate for their needs.
• Receive crisis calls from clients.
• Help to defuse and de-escalate any potential behavior emergencies and assists in developing additional programming appropriate for the client’s needs.
• Assist with discharge planning.
• Responsible for providing staff coverage and ensuring the security of the facility and general supervision of the residents.
• Provide community support services, including home visits to aftercare clients.
• Participate in regular cleaning duties and up-keep of the facility, including the kitchen, bathroom and common areas.
• Work effectively and professionally with other treatment team members.
• Attend all team meetings as scheduled.
• Assist in the orientation of new admissions to residential care.
• Complete all paperwork, reports, and charting contemporaneously and in an organized manner.
• Is familiar and maintains compliance with applicable Minnesota Statues or rules, including, but not limited to DHS IRTS,  MDH SLF (Class A), MS 253B, Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults, Duty to Warn, Minnesota Data Practices Act.
• Maintain a pattern of regular work hours.
• Must be able to transport clients in the community.
• Participate actively in on-going professional growth and development; maintain appropriate professional behavior and participates in appropriate supervision.
• Other duties as assigned.

CEU Requirements:
• 15 Continuing Education (CEU) Credits per year.

• Knowledge of symptoms and course of serious and persistent mental illness as well as medications and other therapies used to treat mental illness.
• Be knowledgeable about and utilize various substance abuse treatment modalities such as harm reduction and motivational interviewing.
• Have demonstrable working knowledge of Vulnerable Adults Laws and other pertinent rules and regulations.
• Have knowledge of evidence-based clinical practices.
• Knowledge of supportive counseling techniques, independent living skills/teaching and crisis intervention techniques.
• Utilizes crisis assessment tools for suicidal and aggressive behavior.
• Assess and manage crisis situations.
• Helps defuse and de-escalate any potential behavior emergencies.
• Develop appropriate therapeutic relationship with clients.
• Able to use a computer for word-processing and data base management.
• Ability to work independently and as a member of an interdisciplinary team.
• Maintain compliance with applicable Minnesota Statutes or rules, including but not limited to DHS Rule 36, Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults, Duty to Warn, Minnesota Data Practices Act, HIPAA.
• Must have a car, MN driver’s license and be able to drive, day or evening hours.
• Be able to speak, clearly understand and write the English language
• Be able to accommodate flexible working hours.

Essential Physical Functions:
• Type frequently.
• Drive often.
• Sit frequently.
• Stand for long periods of time. 
• Walk frequently
• Climb flights of stairs.
• Lift 40 pounds or more.

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