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Substitute Mental Health Counselor

Location: Twin Cities Metro Area
Salary: $14 per hour
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Date Posted: 1/19/2017

To provide professional, quality program services to the clients served by the RSS Team. Monitors the assessment and treatment goals and follow-up care for each resident.  Participates as a team member on the treatment team, provides assessments for crisis and intervention skills.

• High School Diploma
• 2,000 hours of experience working with individuals with Mental Illness, or
• 2,000 hours working in Resident Support Services program.

• Bachelors Degree in Behavioral Sciences or related field.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Provide courteous and respectful care to all clients.
• Spend the majority of each shift interacting with clients, developing relationships and building rapport with clients, and conducting tasks that are directly related to client care
• Monitor clients regularly as stipulated in each client’s care plans.
• Responsible for knowledge and implementation of service and behavior plans.
• Remain current on client’s plans and case notes completed by other staff.
• Encourage and monitor treatment plan compliance.
• Utilizes crisis assessment tools for suicidal and aggressive behavior.
• Identify individuals prone to having behavior emergencies and recommends additional programming appropriate for their needs.
• Receive crisis calls from clients.
• Help defuse and de-escalate any potential behavior emergencies.
• Assist residents with their room cleaning, personal hygiene and laundry.
• Assist clients in independent living skills; hygiene checks, housekeeping, budgeting, etc.
• Administer medications according to the Program Policy and Procedures under the supervision of the facility’s nurse.
• Inform other staff and Lead Clinical Mental Health Counselor when quantity of client’s medications running low.
• Order client medication, as needed.
• Update medication sheets when medication changes occur.
• Develop weekly menus and shopping list and does grocery shopping for the facility, encouraging participation by clients.
• Plan and coordinates recreational/social activities.
• Schedule client appointments, as needed.
• Plan holiday activities and special events.
• Provide input in staff meetings and treatment planning.
• Prepare meals, serve and clean up according to Health Department standards.
• Assist in training new staff.
• Answer staff telephone.
• Read and respond to company e-mails during every shift.
• Responsible for providing staff coverage and ensuring the security of the facility and general supervision of residents.
• Responsible for securing coverage of any missed shifts, planned or unplanned.
• Participate in routine cleaning duties.
• Perform light house maintenance or request maintenance assistance as needed.
• Participate in team meetings.
• Must be able to transport clients in the community.
• Produce and distribute incident reports within (8) hours of the relevant event, as needed.
• Complete all paperwork, reports, and charting contemporaneously and in an organized manner.
• Participate actively in on-going professional growth and development; maintain appropriate professional behavior and participate in appropriate supervision.
• Maintain a pattern of regular work hours.
• Other duties as assigned.

CEU Requirements:
• 24 Continuing Education (CEU) Credits per year

• Knowledge of symptoms and course of serious and persistent mental illness as well as medications and other therapies used to treat mental illness.
• Have knowledge of, or be willing to gain knowledge of within first 6 months about and utilize various substance abuse treatment modalities such as harm reduction and motivational interviewing. 
• Have knowledge of, or be willing to gain knowledge of within first 6 months of evidence-based clinical practices.
• Have demonstrable working knowledge of vulnerable adult’s laws and other pertinent rules and regulations.
• Maintain compliance with applicable Minnesota Statutes or rules, including but not limited to DHS Rule 203, MS253B, Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults, Duty to Warn, Minnesota Data Practices Act, HIPAA.
• Utilize crisis assessment tools for suicidal and aggressive behavior.
• Assess and manage crisis situations.
• Develop appropriate therapeutic relationship with clients.
• Be familiar with the duties specific to each shift at the house.
• Able to work independently and as a member of an interdisciplinary team.
• Must have a car, valid driver’s license, insurance and be able to drive, day or evening hours.
• Be able to speak, clearly understand and write the English language.
• Able to work independently and as a member of an interdisciplinary team.
• Be able to accommodate flexible working hours.

Essential Physical Functions:
• Type frequently.
• Drive frequently.
• Sit often.
• Stand for long periods of time.  
• Walk frequently.
• Climb flights of stairs.
• Lift 40 pounds or more.


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